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Need some advice? Got a question? Problem? Hey, no problem! We're easy to deal with, easy to get a hold of. And you can do it by phone, fax, email or "snail" mail. Your choice.

Flambeau OrnaMates Products Division - Flambeau, Inc.
15981 Valplast Road
Middlefield, Ohio 44062 USA

Phone: 800-457-5252
Fax: 440-632-1581

Want to know where to purchase Flambeau OrnaMates Products in you area? Just send an email to: info@flambeau.com and our Customer Service team will e-mail you back a list of Flambeau OrnaMates Product retailers in your area.

Thanks for choosing Flambeau OrnaMates, providing life-like lawn ornaments for yard, pond, and garden, along with mailboxes and mailbox accessories. We hope to hear from you soon!
Inventor's Submission Form
Flambeau accepts and encourages the submission of outside ideas, inventions, and/or information regularly. If you have a product idea or invention you would like to share with us, please fill out our online Inventor's Submission Release & Questionnaire. This form is an interactive Adobe® PDF file. When filling out this online form, be sure to read all details and instructions included on the form. When the form is complete you will be able to submit the form via e-mail using the "E-mail Form" button (be sure your Internet connection is on before clicking the E-mail Form button). After clicking this button you will be able to include additional comments and attach all pictures, drawings or other information pertinent to your invention.

Inventor's Submission Form, please CLICK HERE to download.

Acrobat Reader™ is a free extension from Adobe® and is required to open and fill out the Inventor's Submission Form. Should you need to install the extension, or update your current version, please click HERE.